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Hooded Orioles at Rumsey House

August 10, 2014

Last summer I noticed a Hooded Oriole at my hummingbird feeders outside my kitchen window. This year the fellow brought a whole flock with him. Yippee! I thought it was a single oriole feeding many times during the day until a guest told me he’d seen “a whole bunch of that orange and black birds” in the tall valley oak near my driveway on the other side of my property. Today I went out to confirm the sighting. I could see and hear them high in the tree.

Another fabulous behavior I saw was this: instead of feeding at the feeder one day, the male oriole flew around it fluttering its wings. It would light on the feeder ever so slightly, then flutter around it some more before flying off. A few moments later I saw a female land on the feeder. He was showing his food source to his mate. 

Hope I get some nests in the tree. I read they breed here during the summer.


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